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I live in Kent with my husband, toddler Tilly (henceforth known as Monkey) and another baby due in November. We have two cats, Duncan and Lady Macbeth, and four chickens who kindly lay us eggs daily. We live in the picturesque seaside town of Broadstairs. I enjoy reading, knitting and cooking. I'm trying to be a bit 'greener' (not sure how successfully), and to be a gentle parent. Extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping don't freak me out, we use cloth nappies and try to follow some of the ideals of Attachment Parenting. If that sounds as if I know what I'm doing, I don't! I am also a psychotherapist with an interest in Focusing-oriented therapy, and I have a small private practice in the area.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Divine pre-loved sofa!

How do you like our beautiful new sofa? DH found it on eBay, we'd been searching for something to replace our old one which, although in good condition, was cream (not a baby or cat-friendly colour) and looking a bit shabby. I was initially a bit unsure and couldn't imagine it in our lounge, but now that we have it I absolutely love it! It is a plush, deep red velvet, and it is huge. And it was remarkably good value, even more so because we unexpectedly got quite a good price for the old one (which we sold on eBay).
Thanks to those of you who have asked after Monkey. Today she really seemed back to her usual self, a bit snotty, but her appetite seems to have returned and she had a good day with Nanna. She has also slept well for the last 2 nights, waking just the once to feed (hope I haven't jinxed myself there!). We have discovered that singing 'Teddy Bears Picnic' helps with most things- I must have sung it a zillion times over the last few days, but it has enabled me to settle her in her cot rather than having to get her (and my boobs) out each time she rouses!


Earthenwitch said...

That sofa is gorgeous! And yes, I feel your cream-coloured-sofa-woe: ours is cream, covered in a throw, but constantly under siege from our two (black) cats.

Glad to hear the Monkey is feeling a bit better - doesn't seem fair when they get ill, does it?

sue said...

so gald monkey is feeling better :), and love your fab new sofa!! xx