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I live in Kent with my husband, toddler Tilly (henceforth known as Monkey) and another baby due in November. We have two cats, Duncan and Lady Macbeth, and four chickens who kindly lay us eggs daily. We live in the picturesque seaside town of Broadstairs. I enjoy reading, knitting and cooking. I'm trying to be a bit 'greener' (not sure how successfully), and to be a gentle parent. Extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping don't freak me out, we use cloth nappies and try to follow some of the ideals of Attachment Parenting. If that sounds as if I know what I'm doing, I don't! I am also a psychotherapist with an interest in Focusing-oriented therapy, and I have a small private practice in the area.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Crochet 101

So, inspired by Joxy and Mon in particular, I have resolved to learn how to crochet. I've ordered the Happy Hooker book and a book of cute Amigurumi patterns, but I couldn't wait for them to arrive and had a bit of an attempt this evening. I had a quick look on YouTube and found out that the first step was to learn how to do a chain stitch. The first video I watched was hard to translate into left-handed crochet. I can see that being a southpaw might prove to be a bit of a disability! But then I found this video for left-handed chain stitch and I *think* I've got the hang of it. After doing a few inches it seemed that the stitches were becoming more uniform. You can't really judge from the photo as there wasn't enough light and I took it with my camera. I'll report more tomorrow, and also post a photo of the Monkey's bird mobile, which I completed this evening. 


Joxy said...

Yep that looks like a very impressive chain stitch. Just remember you have to work back into those chains once you progress and looser chains are easier to work into than neat tight ones.


Mon said...

WOOHOO! lol Great to see more hookers!

It looks good to me. Joxy is right loose is best for hookers. :D

I found the easiest way to become more uniform is to just cochet stuff, even if just a long scarfy thingy. If I stayed too long on chain sticthes or whatever, it could become disheartening. but we all approach these things differently. I sorta jump at the deep end. :)

I ordered the amigurumi book too, still waiting..... but give Lion Brand Yarns a go. They ahve excellent beginner crochet patterns for free. Including amigurumi.

willow81 said...

OMG it just took me about twenty tries but I *think* (hope, pray) I've just done my first successful single crochet row. Joxy you're so right, those chains have to be really loose, that's hard for a knitter to get my head around. Eventually found a YouTube vid that I could follow, et voila. Now I guess I'll learn how to continue on to the next row.