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I live in Kent with my husband, toddler Tilly (henceforth known as Monkey) and another baby due in November. We have two cats, Duncan and Lady Macbeth, and four chickens who kindly lay us eggs daily. We live in the picturesque seaside town of Broadstairs. I enjoy reading, knitting and cooking. I'm trying to be a bit 'greener' (not sure how successfully), and to be a gentle parent. Extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping don't freak me out, we use cloth nappies and try to follow some of the ideals of Attachment Parenting. If that sounds as if I know what I'm doing, I don't! I am also a psychotherapist with an interest in Focusing-oriented therapy, and I have a small private practice in the area.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


A new series of occasional reports from the borders of my unconscious, this is DreamWatch. DH is always saying I should write my dreams down, and they have been particularly hilarious of late so here goes...

Monday night: Madonna is bullying me! She is a total b*tch!
Tuesday night: I join the Fire Brigade. We are supposed to wear jeans, a T-shirt and a luminous tabard, but there are no jeans to fit me.

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Miss Meep said...

I have recurring dreams that I'm married to Chris Martin from Coldplay. I feel a bit 'bereaved' when I wake up and it's not true!

Here's a link about the £190: http://www.campaigns.direct.gov.uk/money4mum2be/